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Tito’s funeral, Video

May 28, 2009

Tito’s funeral was the largest funeral that was held in the last 100 years. the funeral was the 204 national delegations. The only great statesman who did not come to the funeral was the American President Jimmy Carter, but it was sent to his mother.

Tito's funeral_2Tito’s funeral

Although the cold war was in the thick of it, people who have to watch over the target, now stand shoulder to shoulder. Tito is buried with the highest honor in The House of Flowers, which has 18 million tourists visited.

Tito's funeralTito’s funeral

Queen Elizabeth II coronation

May 6, 2009

Despite the death of the Queen’s grandmother Queen Mary on 24 March 1953, the Queen’s coronation went ahead in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953, in accordance with Mary’s wishes.

Queen Elizabeth ll coronationQueen Elizabeth II coronation

The entire ceremony was, save for the anointing and communion, televised throughout the Commonwealth, and watched by an estimated twenty million people, with twelve million more listening on the radio.

Queen Elizabeth ll coronation 1953Queen Elizabeth II coronation 1953

Elizabeth wore a gown commissioned from Norman Hartnell, which consisted of embroidered floral emblems of the countries of the Commonwealth: the Tudor rose of England, the Scots thistle, the Welsh leek, shamrocks for Ireland, the wattle of Australia, the maple leaf of Canada, the New Zealand fern, South Africa’s protea, two lotus flowers for India and Ceylon, and Pakistan’s wheat, cotton, and jute.

Coronation 1953Coronation 1953

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