Tito’s The Underground city

Tito’s Teh Underground city was built for Tito and Jovanka and top military and political Yugoslavia, and could stand Atomic explosion of 25 kilotons.

Tito The Underground cityTito’s The Underground city

Complex in Konjic (BiH) was 4.6 billion U.S. dollars and the third is the most expensive military investment the former Yugoslavia, after Bihać underground air port USD 8.5 billion, Split and Lore of 5 billion USD.

Hall in The Underground cityHall in The Underground city

Tito’s Teh Underground city has a 25 thousand meter square area, of which 6 thousand housing. Has all the technical requirements for a complete hermetic isolation and 6 months of life without contact with the outside world.

Badroom in The Underground cityBadroom in The Underground city

Slope of this shelter is meant, and fall of Yugoslavia. Facility was built in a horseshoe shape. Huge ventilation system keeps the temperature at 21 degree to 23 degrees Celsius and humidity from 60 to 80 percent. There are operating rooms, two large conference rooms, bedrooms, two substations, three sets, each power of 540 kw. The complex was built of 1953. until 1979 in 12 blocks.

Door in The Underground cityDoor in The Underground city

Except Tito, for the existence of the object and purpose “D-O” know the only head of the Federal Secretariat for National Defense, Chief of the Yugoslav Army General, Chief of the First Administration of Security and Chief of the connection.

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4 Responses to “Tito’s The Underground city”

  1. kw Says:

    The lawns have, though I was?Let you live, others will stay.Together to make, those who still.Various ways If kw, Kidney StonesThese are urgency this enough.Rather than try, of the ideal.,

  2. ryan Says:

    hey is this realy real under ground city

  3. Professor Garczynski Says:

    It is not in Jozef Brod’s ideology to build a underground city.. He was so sure of his ability to survive everyyhing. He would noy bother
    to build a shelter for himself.

  4. Professor Garczynski Says:

    Jozef Broz would never buil himself a underground city. He was to confident of his own ability tu survive.

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