Ernest Miller Hemingway

Ernest Miller Hemingway was born on 06 21 1899 in Oak Park, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Hemingway was the first son and the second child born to Clarence Edmonds “Doc Ed” Hemingway – a country doctor, and Grace Hall Hemingway. Hemingway’s father attended the birth of Ernest and blew a horn on his front porch to announce to the neighbors that his wife had given birth to a boy. The Hemingways lived in a six-bedroom Victorian house built by Ernest’s widowed maternal grandfather, Ernest Miller Hall, an English immigrant and Civil War veteran who lived with the family. Hemingway was his namesake.

ernest_hemingwayErnest Hemingway

Hemingway’s mother once aspired to an opera career and earned money giving voice and music lessons. She was domineering and narrowly religious, mirroring the strict Protestant ethic of Oak Park, which Hemingway later said had “wide lawns and narrow minds”.[1] While his mother hoped that her son would develop an interest in music, Hemingway adopted his father’s outdoorsman hobbies of hunting, fishing and camping in the woods and lakes of Northern Michigan. The family owned a summer home called Windemere on Walloon Lake, near Petoskey, Michigan and often spent summers vacationing there. These early experiences in close contact with nature instilled in Hemingway a lifelong passion for outdoor adventure and for living in remote or isolated areas.

(sorce: Wikepedia)


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2 Responses to “Ernest Miller Hemingway”

  1. infloox Says:

    Didn’t know the part about his outdoorsy hobbies, but it kinda makes sense – he looks like a lumberjack! lol I just posted a bit about him on my blog too – please have a look 🙂

  2. ThosGould Says:

    That means he went to Italy in WWI when he was only 16, 17? He wrote his first book when only 22 or 24- you young dudes better get off you butts and write. And he only had a manual typewriter..

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