Bob Marley

Bob Marley was a hero. His departure from this planet came at a point when his vision of One World, One Love — inspired by his belief in Rastafari was beginning to be heard and felt. The last Bob Marley and the Wailers tour in 1980 attracted the largest audiences in Europe.

bob_marleyBob Marley

Bob’s story is that of an archetype, which is why it continues to have such a powerful and ever-growing resonance: it embodies political repression, metaphysical and artistic insights, gangland warfare and various periods of mystical wilderness. And his audience continues to widen: to westerners Bob’s apocalyptic truths prove inspirational and life-changing; in the Third World his impact goes much further. Not just among Jamaicans, but also the Hopi Indians of New Mexico and the Maoris of New Zealand, in Indonesia and India, and especially in those parts of West Africa from wihch slaves were plucked and taken to the New World, Bob is seen as a redeemer figure returning to lead this

98t/48/huty/12964/04Bob Marley

In the clear Jamaican sunlight you can pick out the component parts of which the myth of Bob Marley is comprised: the sadness, the love, the understanding, the Godgiven talent. Those are facts. And although it is sometimes said that there are no facts in Jamaica, there is one more thing of which we can be certain: Bob Marley never wrote a bad song. He left behind the most remarkable body of recorded work. “The reservoir of music he has left behind is like an encyclopedia,” says Judy Mowatt of the I-Threes. “When you need to refer to a certain situation or crisis, there will always be a Bob Marley song that will relate to it. Bob was a musical prophet.”

bob_marley_4Bob Marley

The tiny Third World country of Jamaica has produced an artist who has transcended all categories, classes, and creeds through a combination of innate modesty and profound wisdom. Bob Marley, the Natural Mystic, may yet prove to be the most significant musical artist of the twentieth century.



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7 Responses to “Bob Marley”

  1. nihed Says:

    bob is my spirit his mi cindl i love him and i love his way to discript a life when ilestin to his music he took me so far wher no body cold tak me so he is my druges my medecament. i am nihed bob the sole of bob

  2. Focus Says:

    Bob was a true man and his soul wl live 4ever. His Musical masseges reflects our daily lives on the planet. Jah bless.

  3. kaylee Says:

    you are stupid i hate you !

  4. Shanu Says:

    Bob was a powerful man.his songs can stimulate a human being sure.
    I love u bob.

  5. Ayul Kaysiow Says:

    rambut tk cuci!!!dh mcm kene electric!!!mepek

  6. Ayul Kaysiow Says:

    rambut baek!!!aku nk buat rambut gituk arh ntn!!!

  7. Ayul Kaysiow Says:

    i luv bob marley!!!

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