Fidel Castro love life

Fidel Castro Cuban revolutionary leader has slept with 35,000 women in his 82 years of life.

Fidel Castro great loverFidel Castro great lover

“He slept with at least two women a day for more than four decades – one for lunch and one for supper,” The New York Post quoted an ex-Castro official named “Ramon” as telling filmmaker Ian Halperin. “Sometimes he even ordered one for breakfast,” the official said.

“I don”t think he would have stayed on as long as he did if not for all the incredible women he had access to as president,” the official added.



10 Responses to “Fidel Castro love life”

  1. Visionthought Says:


  2. Robert Palmer Says:

    why is it that most latino men just have to mention how great a lover they are. I’ve always thought that men who brag the most are usually the ones who get the least, or have the least. Know what I mean?

  3. T Fields Says:

    More Communist propaganda no doubt. He is probably truthfully as virile as the Cuban economy.

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  6. karkki Says:

    you motherfucker americans if u dont have guts to oppose him means y u bastards tease them (kudhiyana)

  7. Laurence Daley Says:

    In all probability it was Celia Sanchez, who enhanced and manipulated his sexual adventures as a way of controlling him to further the communist cause. This is a standard way of controlling and manipulating a despot that has been used for thousands of years ….

    This matter is addressed in book in progress

    “Love and War in Cuba”

  8. raja Says:

    Fidel Castro ,aku salut atas perjuangannya,

  9. Erexo3^ Says:

    Wow he did he must have been wild!!!!

  10. love life Says:

    I enjoy your work, be thankful for the great blogs.

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