Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler (20 April 1889 – 30 April 1945) was an Austrian-born German politician and the leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, popularly known as the Nazi Party. He was the ruler of Germany from 1933 to 1945, serving as chancellor from 1933 to 1945 and as head of state from 1934 to 1945.

adolf-hitlerAdolf Hitler

A decorated veteran of World War I, Hitler joined the Nazi Party in 1920 and became its leader in 1921. Following his imprisonment after a failed coup in 1923, he gained support by promoting nationalism, antisemitism and anti-communism with charismatic oratory and propaganda. He was appointed chancellor in 1933, and quickly established a totalitarian and fascist dictatorship. Hitler pursued a foreign policy with the declared goal of seizing Lebensraum (“living space”) for Germany, directing the resources of the state toward this goal. His rebuilt Wehrmacht invaded Poland in 1939, leading to the outbreak of World War II in Europe.

adolf-hitler-picsAdolf Hitler pics

adolf_hitler_and_mussoliniAdolf Hitler and Mussolini

Within three years, Germany and the Axis powers occupied most of Europe and large parts of Africa, East and Southeast Asia and the Pacific Ocean. However, the Allies gained the upper hand from 1942 onward and in 1945 Allied armies invaded Germany from all sides. His forces committed numerous atrocities during the war, including the systematic killing of as many as 17 million civilians including the genocide of an estimated six million Jews, known as the Holocaust.

During the final days of the war in 1945, Hitler married his long-time mistress Eva Braun. Less than two days later, the two committed suicide.



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42 Responses to “Adolf Hitler”

  1. Farhan Says:

    Kula tercengang lihat gambar

  2. fatima Says:

    adolf hitler is stupid why would he do that

  3. STACY Says:


  4. Ashley Byers Says:

    Hi, I am a dental hygiene student from Harrisburg, PA. I am doing a table clinic presentation on forensics and I am asking for permission to use a picture of Hitler on my board? If you could email me back, I would really appreciate it, Thanks,

  5. amir Says:

    hitler was a miracle of war in the word and i apriciat him he was the god of war

  6. Sohail Kazmi Says:

    Well, Hitler is Hitler, Since he did whatever he wished for, so I can say that he was a succesful man and as far as Holocaust is concerned, there a lots of conspiracies as well.. Only God knows the reality

  7. camille Says:

    hitler is dumb & thats why he is dead . he makes me sick !!!

  8. ottomangırl Says:

    Jewish enemy is our friend
    l love Adolf Hitler

  9. Quentin Says:

    This Guy shuld have been killed at birth

  10. inshaf Says:


  11. doger Says:

    lo mejor es adol

  12. rohan from india Says:

    classic collection of photo of hitlar

  13. Burntowwwn Says:

    fuck the jews

  14. Beau Says:

    I Love The ManGod too.

  15. Joel wyman II Says:

    hitler and mussolini together forever, how sweet!

  16. Joel wyman II Says:

    those of you who love hitler so much should join him!

  17. yekotik Says:

    DIE!!! with your broom shape mustang!..

  18. vishal adbalwar Says:

    Sir Hitler for me he is my ideal and i have good collection of sir’s images……….
    Im a big fan of sir

  19. Blitzkrieg « ENGLISH 101, UP Says:

    […] 2. Cille85. Adolf Hitler. Photograph. Web Image. About Something. 31 July 2011. <;. […]

  20. herb Says:

    adolf hitler reminds me of chaz bono

  21. dr charles h heller Says:

    dr charles h heller…

    […]Adolf Hitler « cille85[…]…

  22. Jim Says:

    Hitler was my hero fuck jews all hail hitler!

  23. Hitler Says:

    ‎”I could’ve burned all the jews, but I left some so that you could see why I wanted them to burn”
    ADOLF HITLER ( My Struggle)

  24. Hunter Morrison Says:

    All of your responses are rather dubious. Adolf Hitler was indeed, a great man.

  25. Rudolph Says:

    Whata lovely man!

  26. Redhammer Says:

    hitler the bastards his fucking asshole pig racist tnx to the soviet union were saved from that bastard..

  27. Jen Says:

    For those of you idoits who never set foot in a concentration camp in Germany, or met a holocaust survivor who still had the brand stamped into their arms, it was real…it happened…accept it. For those who idolize this man…your not worth anyone’s time. Perhaps you should join him…do us all a favor

  28. florin Says:

    Well if you read his book Main Kampf understand what happened to his life, he hated those who do not have enough of envy and attitude to defeat the enemy, if Hitler won the war were no longer homeless and poor people, nor any world via the crisis there. Read history and then I will give the opinion. Hey Hitler

  29. Jude Elyaman Says:

    I don’t think of Adolf Hitler as a great man, I think he is a racist and nothing more he is a very aggresive and rude man and I think he is a cold blooded murderer as well if you don’t like what i’m saying too bad this is America and one of the amendments is freedom of speech

  30. corey mccutcheon Says:

    Adolf hitler is and always will be a world leader. He is my icon and hero

  31. corey mccutcheon Says:

    Its not racism when the guy is right. Lets bring hitler back

  32. rambo Says:

    pendejo person youre gay

  33. salem jado Says:

    He was a great man, the world would be a better place if Germany had won the war…Heil Hitler!!!

  34. Gautam Bhattacharyya Says:

    Adolf Hitler is my idol. He is a man wid great personality. We all should salute to him. Three cheers to HITLER THE GREAT> We all r proud of u. May your soul rest in peace.

  35. tushar Says:

    ek namburcha zandhu ,ghandu , pandu hota hitlor ,amchya ghari ala tar palvun palvun maren tyla (ganula)

  36. Michael Says:

    Every enemy of Jew is enemy of God and will die the way of Hitler whom the love..

  37. biloaflorentgabin Says:

    please who where the jews.
    why did he wan to kill them ! can some one answere to me please

  38. mohammed Says:

    he had to do that they were the enemy of the country

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