The Beatles part 1

July 10, 2009

The Beatles history begins in March 1957, when John Lennon and his  friend, Pete Shotton establish a group known by the name of  “The Black Jacks” to play Skiffle and America Rock and Roll. They soon change the name to “The Quarry Men”.

The Beatles Circa

In The Summer of 1958, The Quarrey Men (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, playing guitars, John Lowe on piano, and Collin Hanton on drums) made two demo recordings: “That’ll Be The Day” and “In Spite Of All The Danger”, the latter being a McCartney-Harrison composition.

the_beatlesThe Beatles

During that Winter of  1960, John Lennon invited a art student Stu Sutcliff to join the group on the condition he got his own bass. In May They renamed themselves The “Beetles”. When the Allan Williams became their manager.They modified their name to the “Silver Beatles.”


Elvis Presley

July 8, 2009

Elvis  Presley a was an singer, actor and musician. A cultural icon, he is commonly known simply as Elvis and is also  referred to as “The King” or “The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.”

Elvis_PresleyElvis Presley

Elvis  Presley began his career in 1953 as one of  performers of rockabilly, an uptempo fusion of country and rhythm and blues with a strong back beat. His novel versions of existing songs, mixing “black” and “white” sounds, made him popular and controversial as did his uninhibited stage and television performances. Elvis  Presley had a versatile voice and had unusually wide success encompassing many genres, including rock and roll, gospel, blues, country, ballads and pop. To date, he is the only entertainer that has been inducted into four music halls of fame.


In the 1960s, Elvis  Presley made the majority of his 31 movies, most of which were poorly reviewed but financially successful musicals. In 1968, he returned to live performances in a television special,  and performed across the U.S., notably in Las Vegas. In 1973, Elvis  Presley staged the first global live concert via satellite (Aloha from Hawaii), reaching at least one billion viewers live and an additional 500 million on delay.

The KingThe King

Throughout his career, he set records for concert attendance, television ratings and recordings sales. He is one of the best-selling and most influential artists in the history of music, selling over one billion records internationally. Health problems, prescription drug dependence, and other factors led to his death at age 42.

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Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias

June 11, 2009

Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias was born on 28. 06. 1954. in Sabaneta, Venezuela, a small village located in the western state of Barinas. Young Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias escaped a life of poverty thanks to his skill as a baseball player. Baseball is the leading sport in Venezuela.

Hugo Chavez and CheHugo Chavez and Che

As the leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias promotes a political doctrine of participatory democracy, socialism and Latin American and Caribbean cooperation. He is also a critic of neoliberalism, globalization, and United States foreign policy.Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias is a great friend with Fidel Castro

Hugo ChavezHugo Chavez

Tito’s The Underground city

June 2, 2009

Tito’s Teh Underground city was built for Tito and Jovanka and top military and political Yugoslavia, and could stand Atomic explosion of 25 kilotons.

Tito The Underground cityTito’s The Underground city

Complex in Konjic (BiH) was 4.6 billion U.S. dollars and the third is the most expensive military investment the former Yugoslavia, after Bihać underground air port USD 8.5 billion, Split and Lore of 5 billion USD.

Hall in The Underground cityHall in The Underground city

Tito’s Teh Underground city has a 25 thousand meter square area, of which 6 thousand housing. Has all the technical requirements for a complete hermetic isolation and 6 months of life without contact with the outside world.

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Charles Chaplin

June 1, 2009

Charles Chaplin was born in London, England, on 4 16 1889. His father was a versatile vocalist and actor; and his mother, known under the stage name of Lily Harley, was an attractive actress and singer, who gained a reputation for her work in the light opera field.

charles_chaplinCharles Chaplin

Charlie was thrown on his own resources before he reached the age of ten as the early death of his father and the subsequent illness of his mother made it necessary for Charlie and his brother, Sydney, to fend for themselves. Having inherited natural talents from their parents, the youngsters took to the stage as the best opportunity for a career. Charlie made his professional debut as a member of a juvenile group called “The Eight Lancashire Lads” and rapidly won popular favour as an outstanding tap dancer.

When he was about fourteen, he got his first chance to act in a legitimate stage show, and appeared as “Billy” the page boy, in support of William Gillette in “Sherlock Holmes”. At the close of this engagement, Charlie started a career as a comedian in vaudeville, which eventually took him to the United States in 1910 as a featured player with the Fred Karno Repertoire Company. Charlie started a career as a comedian in vaudeville, which eventually took him to the United States in 1910 as a featured player with the Fred Karno Repertoire Company.

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Interesting pictures of Josip Broz Tito

May 30, 2009

Neither one of our republic would not be one and nothing that we all Tito. He said one Yugoslav statesman.

Tito pictureTito picture

Tito saidTito said

Josip Broz TitoJosip Broz Tito

Josip Broz Tito in OfficeJosip Broz Tito in Office

Barack Obama Caricature

May 30, 2009

Barack Obama caricature
Barack Obama caricature

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